Craft Ranch is proud to offer Texas Longhorn cattle for sale. Sittin Bull calves and various offspring from 80" Tip To Tip cows for sale at all times. Contact Lane Craft for more information.

News at Craft Ranch

We had our final calf on the last day of the year.
We at Craft Ranch are looking forward to great things this year. These Sittin Bull calves are coming along quite strong. Very impressed with the way they are developing. We had more bull calves than heifers this past year but it does not hurt to have bull calves out of some of your best cows. We look forward to watching all these Sittin Bull offspring that have not sold. Many have sold so far. We owe that to the great Sittin Bull. His production speaks for itself. Clearly. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.

Private Treaty sale animals available - These calves will make you money!

As our cows at Craft Ranch begin to calve I urge you to get in contact with Lane. These calves will be priced to where YOU the buyer will make money on them. We have some bloodlines in our herd that we strongly believe in.

- We currently have SIX cows over 80" tip to tip, one being in partnership with my good friend Ben Gravett.
- We have two that are very close to the 80" mark and we expect them to be there in the next couple of months.
- We have 12 over 70" cows that the majority are bred to Sittin Bull.
- And, many cows 60" and up.

Like I said, these calves will be priced to make you money.

I firmly stand by this bull and everything he has done for this great Industry that I am proud to be apart of.

Thank you,

Les Craft