Craft Ranch is proud to offer Texas Longhorn cattle for sale. Sittin Bull calves and various offspring from 80" Tip To Tip cows for sale at all times. Contact Lane Craft for more information.

News at Craft Ranch

Proud of what we are building.
I cannot say enough about what we have been putting together. We have put together a herd that Lane and I are really enjoying. We have seen much improvement over the years with what has been happening just this past year. Our group of Sittin Bull calves have been outstanding and we have been selling them within minutes of being posted via social network. We have big plans this fall using embryo transfer with some of our best cows. Our heifer Rex's Red Rose has just been outstanding and is set to break many records very soon. To top all of this off we purchased a new bull prospect out of Concealed Weapon and RC Pacific Mermaid that measured 40.75" tip to tip at 10 months and 6 days. Talk with Lane about anything you like on our website to see if a deal can be made. We are excited for what the future holds.

Thank you,

Les Craft