Craft Ranch is proud to offer Texas Longhorn cattle for sale. Sittin Bull calves and various offspring from 80" Tip To Tip cows for sale at all times. Contact Lane Craft for more information.

News at Craft Ranch

Great time to be in the Longhorn Industry
Well summer is coming to an end. We would like to have some more rain down in South Texas but it seems that all of Texas is hoping for the same.

Cannot begin to describe how excited we are about the fall events. Going out to Las Vegas will be a real treat for the Hudson Valentine Vegas Style sale. Bill and Lorinda will be putting on a great event. Longhorns in Las Vegas will be a real treat. We have consigned some great animals that will be strong for any breeding program for years to come.

The Longhorn Extravaganza in Oklahoma City is always a first class event. Wes Chancey and Chase Vasut are working diligently to make this event better and better each year. It is a great time to see some of the greatest animals in the longhorn breed all under one roof. 

Hope to see you at some of the events this fall. Make sure to say hello.

Thank you,

Les Craft